Braces: Creating More Than Just Straight Teeth

Fissure Sealants: Everything You Need to Know

When you visit the dentist for a checkup, as well as carrying out treatments to help to repair your teeth and heal your gums, they may also recommend that you take steps to prevent further damage to your dental health. For example, your dentist may offer to apply a sealant to your teeth to help […]

How Does Toothpaste Help Teeth?

Most of us know that dental healthcare professionals recommended we brush our teeth at least twice a day. Although many Australians do make the effort to carry this activity out regularly, few of us are fully aware of the function of toothpaste. Although the brushing motion can remove little particles of food and the build […]

Why Non-Removable Dentures May Be Right For You

People who need dentures have to decide whether they should acquire removable ones or non-removable ones. This article discusses some of the reasons why non-removable dentures may be the right choice for you. There Is a Reduced Risk of Damaging the Dentures Many of the incidents in which dentures are damaged occur when those dentures […]

How to Handle a Tooth That is Knocked Out

If you have a tooth that breaks off or gets knocked out, such as while playing your favourite sport over the weekend, you need to act fast. It is possible to save the tooth, but only if you follow the right steps and can get into the dentist’s office right away. Here are some things […]

Top 5 Causes of Yellow Teeth

When you look in the mirror, you may notice that your teeth have a slight yellow hue. While teeth whitening treatments can restore the whiteness of your smile, the discolouration is likely to return if you don’t address the underlying cause. Learn about the top five causes of yellow teeth to find out how to […]