Understanding periodontal disease

Periodontal disease (otherwise known as gum disease) is an oral health condition that causes the gum line to become inflamed. Without treatment, it can lead to tooth loss. Here are the risk factors for, and symptoms of gum disease, as well as some of the methods used to treat it. The risk factors for gum disease. Poor oral hygiene is one of the biggest risk factors for periodontal disease; failing to brush and floss regularly can lead to an accumulation of bacterial plaque along the gum line which, if left for too long, will cause inflammation.

What to Know If You're Considering a Repaint of Your Pearly Whites

Have you ever heard the saying "everybody looks good in white?" Maybe this is why a lot of people are deciding to get their teeth professionally brightened, as a sparkling smile does wonders for self-confidence. If you've been toying with the idea for some time, what options are available to you? Why the Discolouration? Many people are unhappy with the shade of their teeth. The reason why your teeth change colour over time is because acid in the typical diet wears down the enamel gradually, exposing the natural colour of the tooth beneath.

Do You Believe That Your Child's Baby Teeth Don't Matter?

Do you subscribe to the idea that your child's "baby teeth" don't really matter? Do you think that you don't need to pay as much care and attention to these particular teeth as you do to the permanent ones? If you think so, it's time for you to change your mind. What do you need to know? Why the Confusion? The misconception surrounding the importance of baby teeth is based on the fact that these teeth are short lived and will fall out anyway.

What You Should Do If You're Worried That Your Children May Get Protruding Teeth

Do you worry that your children will develop protruding teeth? This may be something that runs in the family to a certain extent and you want to avoid a repetition if possible. What's the cause of this condition and what can you do to try and avoid it happening in your child? What's at Stake Protruding teeth can turn into a nightmare for a child as he or she develops and goes through adolescence.

Temporary Smile Options: 4 Temporary Smile Fixes While You Wait for Your Implant to Heal

Sometimes, due to trauma or severe decay, it is not possible to save a compromised tooth. When this happens, you may opt to replace the missing tooth with a dental implant. Not all dental implant cases are the same, however. Some might require extensive bone and gum grafting, and others can be completed fairly quickly. However your treatment progresses, if your implant is in your smile zone then you may need a temporary solution to the missing tooth while your implant heals and integrates with the bone, as healing can take from 4-6 months.